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360 Total Security Premium Crack + Keygen Free

Protecting your computer system has now become a daily challenge. As new devices and inventions are discovered and developed every day, viruses and some other dangerous threats for the computer system are increasing on daily basis as well. Many computer users are always agitating for antivirus software to fight against these viruses. Therefore, many computer programmers have taken the task of creating an antivirus program that will protect computer systems against viruses. However, in this piece, you will realize that an antivirus program called 360 Total Security crack is the best you can ever install on any computer system. From all the available antivirus software in the market, 360 Total Security crack should be your first choice. Some of the reasons why you need to choose this software are thoroughly discussed below.

Firstly, you need to know that this software has about 5 antivirus engines embedded into it. This includes multiple layers which are targeted at real-time protection for your PC. So, what is the primary function of this antivirus program 360 Total Security crack gives your computer full protection against viruses of different pipes and some enormous threats? What else do you need to know about this software, you need to be aware that protection of some of your critical products and services with a various array of functions are totally free from any malware infections.

360 Total Security Free Download:

It also makes you operate this your products effectively. In addition, during your online shopping, it helps in some ways. You may be required to download files while shopping online, it will protect you against cybercrime. You may also be required to fill in your account details, 360 Total Security is also effective in safeguarding your privacy 360 Total Security crack is the best antivirus program you can use.

In case you don’t know, the popular 360 IT Company located in China is the developer of the software. In addition to some of the task carried out on a computer system with this software, uses and optimize their computer with only a click on an icon. This antivirus program is a modern type of software that is specific to their solution for all computer utility, security, and performance. The overall performance of your PC can be checked within a few minutes to know the current status. Millions of individuals that using software attested to its effectiveness. The presence of many scan engines as makes the security detection to be better than other antivirus programs. Aside from the detecting functions, it’s also twins and accelerates your computer system. This is just an additional function in increasing the computer overall performance. AnyTrans Crack

What Else Do I Need To Know About 360 Total Security Crack?

The most trustworthy and popular internet protection software is still this 360 Total Security crack. It comes with mirrors tools and features that totally check out and identify the interest rates on your PC. Apart from just identifying and protecting, it eradicates dangerous threat detected on the computer system. This has made the software to be regarded as a top rated and multiple-practical internet security tools of where is it a lot of information about the software. With 360 Total Security, you can use a firewall to control the security of your PC and increase your privacy level. This antivirus program also performs the tasks of reading data and privacy clean on your PC. Drivers installed on your PC automatically updated with the aid of this software.

360 Total Security Crack Premium Version 2023

Features of 360 Total Security Crack

With the heaviness in the functions performed by this software, it calls for many features. However, all these features are not complex and too much for a user to master the functions of them all. These include

  • Ensuring that your PC is always updated.
  • Guarding your PC against slowing down while installation of any software is in process.
  • Protection of your activities against viruses and junks on the internet.
  • Scanning of new apps and the automatic installing of these apps.
  • Scanning your transaction carried online away from the cyber-crime threat.
  • Running smoothly on a 64-bit system and a 32-bit system.
  • Protection of your PC from the activities of data phishing, theft, and Trojan
  • Presence of real-time protection in which this feature stop malware and virus before getting to your PC.
  • Management and optimization of booting up applications.
  • Presence of Sandbox feature that allows you have access to open any virus tags on a separate box.
  • A friendly, intuitive, and responsive interface.
  • Disk Analyzer is another amazing feature on this program.
  • One click just to get more speed, space, and security.
  • Users are provided with different modes.
  • It consists of Bitdefender, Avira, proactive defence module QVM, and 360 clouds.
  • Managing and keeping of track of any latest updates of security protection

System Requirements

  • Support for MS Windows Vista / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows XP / Windows 8. (All can either be 32 bit or 64 bit)
  • Hard drive requirement is 1-gigabyte free space
  • Minimum CPU: a speed of 1.6GHz
  • The memory requirement: minimum size of 512MB


This software has many beneficial functions for computer users. Out of all the numerous pros, two pros will be listed below in other to avoid repetition. Some of the benefits have been discussed in the introductory aspect. So, the two main advantages are:

  • Integral firewall
  • Several search motors are included


There is no software without no shortcomings. For this software, its shortcomings are limited in number. It depends on the discretion of an individual, however, there is one striking disadvantage that is common to the various comments from people. It is stated below for clarity:

  • Can be disturbing with pop-up notifications all the time

Latest Functions of 360 Total Security Crack

  • Assisting startup apps
  • System diagnostics

How to crack?

  1. Download the 360 Total Security Crack file from a trusted link
  2. Extract the file and process it to start
  3. Install this file on any location of your choice on the computer system
  4. You then go to the patch file
  5. Press the Activate button
  6. Allow the activation to show you a successful cracking process
  7. Then you can enjoy the features of this antivirus program

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