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AnyTrans Crack Full Version + License Code

Nowadays, one of the most indispensable things for most of us is a smartphone. Smartphones with many of their features and specifications have been regarded as a device more than a single communication tool. Notwithstanding, for most android operating system phone users, they must have realized that the management of music and photos on phones can sometimes be time-consuming and complicated. Sometimes your problem might be to deal with the transfer of some of your music files, photos, messages, contacts, and some other information from a device to another. However, a mobile company came up with a new development to curb this challenge faced by people almost all the time. They introduced Anytrans into the market, and this software comes in handy.

Anytrans crack

Furthremore, Anytrans crack is a powerful a mobile application that helps in the management of digital media (videos, music, and photos) and then transfers all these contents and files from and to your smartphone or device in such a quick and easy manner. Anytrans is compatible with both android and apple products. Some of the other contents Anytrans can have access to immediately it is installed are books, voice memos, history, safari, messages, and more. For Apple products, no matter where the contents come from – whether iCloud, iTunes, or iPhone, it always provides minimalist and efficient control, as well as absolute freedom, towards all your files and data. more at iMazing crack


AnyTrans Crack Torrent & License Code (32, 64 bit)

Features of Anytrans Crack

Anytrans has a lot of features that carefully selected to meet up with demands of customers.

  • iTunes library tab. This help in the management of the various contents on the device you are using. You simply choose the set of files to be copied, then tap on st 2 device which is at the top right corner. This feature is more convenient and faster than the ad content. Large files can be transferred at once. Content can be copied to a separate or new folder from the iTunes library of your device. This is helpful in terms of locating files quickly.
  • iTunes backup browser. This tab is for you to have the access to check all your backup files and content. You can simply review your contacts, messages, and much other information that are contained in the backup files. This is to the utmost advantage for any user. You can check any of your messages or contacts that have been deleted a long time ago. You do not require restoring your computer or device to an older version in carrying out that process.
  • iCloud contents integration. This feature users to easily upload their files and data. Likewise, you can easily download with this feature.

More features:

  • Video Downloader. This is another interesting feature of Anytrans. Just like the name suggests, it fits videos from the internet and then makes it a compatible file for you to watch offline on your computer device. Sometimes, you might wish to have a video file permanently on your computer, then downloading it is not an issue. There is no need for even basting the URL directly to your program. This software helps in the monitoring of clipboard for compatible URL. Then it’s automatically inserted it for you.
  • Preferred language. There are 7 different languages embedded into this software you have the liberty to choose the language to work and operate with. The seven languages are English, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, and Japanese.

Is Anytrans free software?

Anytrans is a paid software, although you are granted the opportunity to enjoy a free trial version of the software. This free trial mode only allows users to access the software and stand through the interface before making payment for the paid version. This trial version of Anytrans is restricted to a certain number of features. The amount of files that can be transferred are restricted to a maximum of 50. Immediately you exceed this range, you will be required to purchase the licensed version. Therefore, the purchasing of the full version is an easy task. Simple it allows the registration key send to the email used for the registration process.

How much will I spend to get Anytrans?

The package of making payments for Anytrans is made available in two categories. The first category is the lifetime licensed auction. This package is applicable and workable on only a single laptop or a computer system for personal use. This same lifetime licensed package has another option for the family as well. You can use the licensed code for about five computers. The most consistent price for the personal lifetime payment is 39.99 while for the family version, it is 59.99. The two options under the sports package come with updates of products that is also for a lifetime. However, the family option only has support for free premium. The other packages for business purpose. The volume of computers that can be used for a single licensed start from 10 computers to any amount. The price ranges from $99 to $499.

Is Anytrans Safe For Me To Use?

To answer this question it depends on the angle you are trying to come from. From the viewpoint of malware and virus protection for mining software is perfectly ok and safe for you. It is absolutely free from the influence or effect of the virus. This is possible because of the process of downloading the installer file. The process makes you get the latest and recent version of Anytrans their official website. The installation is done directly which ensures that the most secured and latest Anytrans is what you installed. The installer and installed downloading file of this program pass the scanning test of MS security essentials and the Malwarebytes anti-malware with no issues.

Now, if you are considering to use this software in the meeting if the affected parts, then you might probably encounter a problem during the process. This software might unintentionally delete some of your things or files shouldn’t. This feature is manageable. So, you may think twice before thinking of installing the software. However, if you are the careful person by, you might not have any problem with installing Anytrans in case the software does its worst in allowing some of your files to be deleted, you will simply restore them from the backup copy feature programs into Anytrans.


  • iTunes v 9 or later
  • OS X (v10.9) or later
  • 64 bit Intel Processor
  • Android OS

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