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CCleaner Crack Full Version Free Download

CCleaner crack is free for you. Is your PC performing slow? Do you need to wait for a tab or window to explore? Say Goodbye to all these kinds of worries! We’re going to share with you something that will vanish all your related problems.

It’s easy to clean a computer from outside, you can clean every part of the computer hardware. But what about a computer’s inside, how do you clean its software? For that we have an amazing software or better said a tool and a windows file cleaner. It is a very useful and efficient tool to optimize your system. It helps in cleaning your PC and clears the memory by removing the cache, unnecessary files, and documents from your system. Also, it protects your private data while you’re online and improves the performance of your system by removing the excess files which are not required.

This tool makes browsing fast by removing all the unnecessary data like cache, cookies, browsing history, temporary files, browser add-ons and much more.

CCleaner Pro 5.63.7540 Crack & Keygen For All Edition

The tool works with and cleans the following:

Browsers such as – IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari, Google Chrome Canary, Phoenix, Avant, Rockmelt, Pale Moon, K-Meleon, Chromium, Flock, Chrome Plus, Maxthon, SRWare Iron, Netscape Navigator, and SeaMonkey.

Windows Temp Files, Prefetch files, Log Files, DNS Cache, Memory Dumps also clears the Recycle Bin

Registry It also cleans the Registry by removing or clearing the unnecessary files and older entries.

Technical Description of CCleaner crack

  1. Runs on Windows – XP/Vista/7/8/10.
  2. Manufacturer – Piriform
  3. Size of the File – Very light and portable i.e., 6.3 MB
  4. Latest Version – Professional Edition Version 5.51.6939
  5. Compatible on – 32 bit and 64 bit.

Main Pros

1. Best rated Mechanism assuring the system’s integrity.

2. Smooth cleaning performance.

3. A systematic way of cleaning can be done by the selective tools present.

4. Easy to Understand and Reciprocate functioning.

Main Cons

1. Using this often or once in a few months shortens the lifespan of the system.

Guide to Download and Install

  1. In your browser open the link mentioned
  2. Click on the link/button “Free Download” which will be in a green box
  3. Scroll down to find “Download” written in blue (this will be present in the column of free features) and click on the option “CCleaner”.
  4. You may choose the location of your preference to save the download file.
  5. Double-click the setup file (The recent file you downloaded, which will also be present in both browser downloads history or on your “Download” file explorer window.
  6. Click “Yes” to confirm the Installation.
  7. Prevent it from installing any other freeware (Here sometimes you will be prompted to install “Avast Free Antivirus”). To do so, uncheck the options to install other freeware listed in the installation window. before proceeding to install
  8. Click “Install”, this will begin with the installation.
  9. Now click “Run CCleaner”, this will in parallel allow you to start using it

How to Use CCleaner Crack

  1. Launch – Double click on the icon (Red “C” symbol and brush on it) from where you would have saved the program. Usually, you find the shortcut icon on your desktop.
  2. Choose the Category to clean – The tool cleans two different category programs, Default programs installed on Windows (Windows) and the programs you install (Applications).
  3. Select and Deselect the files and programs – By default all programs in the list will be selected (checked). Uncheck the programs you do not wish to delete.
  4. Analyze – Click on the option “Analyze” in a blue box at the left bottom of the window, allowing the tool to look for the files that need to be deleted. Follow the instructions and proceed accordingly, so as to delete the selected files.

For Ex If prompted to clean the cache or cookies of your IE, click “Yes”.

  • Follow Prompts – Any program that is being analyzed by this tool has to be closed. Hence when you get a prompt to close the program, Click “Close”.
  • Review Files before deleting – Have a look at the list of files you see as a result of Analysis done. Again, uncheck the files you wish to have in your system. Again click “Analyze” to refresh the recent results.
  • Run Cleaner – Click the option “Run Cleaner” at the bottom of the window. Click on “Continue” to proceed with deleting the selected files.
  • Finish – The process will finish in few seconds or a couple of minutes, depending on the size and number of files that need to be deleted.

How to Use File Finder

  1. Launch the CCleaner
  2. Click on “Tools”, it’ll show you the list of tools of CCleaner.
  3. Click on “Duplicate Finder” (Sometimes also referred to “File Finder”).
  4. Select the settings as per your preference from the options listed.
  5. Click “Search” to find the duplicate files.
  6. Once the search is done, the results will be listed as per the duplication. CCleaner shows the number of copies a file has, hence you can choose to delete, keep or set to exclude from future searches.


  1. “Save to text file” – This option helps you to save the search results to refer in your future searches.
  2. In general, it is usual to have duplicate System files, hence deleting the duplicates of System files may cause a problem in your system, hence beware and be double sure before deleting the duplicate files from this location.
  3. To avoid the above Tip, include the folder of your Operating System in the search and skip the System files.

Final Words to Conclude

To add to its description, this tool offers another component, using which we can even clean the registry of our system. The scanner is designed in a way that it scans the problems in the registry. On your PC it helps you to control the startup programs (similar to the feature of “msconfig”).

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