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How to Crack & Activate Corel Draw X7 for lifetime??

CorelDraw x7 crack Keygen is among the earliest software utilized for simple designs such as drawing, painting, designing of logos, and photo editing on a computer. Since its inception in 1987, there have been improvements to the features of each successive version and the X7 version which is the crux of this piece was birthed in the year 2014. This version has been particularly designed to suit the demands of engineers, game developers, graphic designers, and even animation creators. Amidst its many merits, the ease of use of X7 remains the first thing that stands it out. You do not have to be a professional designer to do some basic designs with CorelDraw x7. Do you know why? It’s because it comes with helpful tips and tutorials that will enable you to use them effectively and to your satisfaction.

There are numerous features that have been incorporated into this release that make it faster than the older versions. With the “Insert Character” docker, you can now locate some unusual characters anywhere in the workspace while the font playground tool helps to change fonts and place them beside texts. The ability of the new version to generate and verify barcodes is pretty much a great achievement. With Photo-Paint X7, you can get all the functionalities of Adobe Photoshop with reduced complexities and good user interface. Corel Draw X5 with keygen

CorelDraw X7 Full Version:

One special feature of the CorelDraw X7 Crack Keygen is that it has an interface that is excellent, user-friendly, and easy to use with more advanced new tools. The version is also laced with an advanced user manual with excellent fonts and these features will be given special treatments in the course of this article. You will also be introduced to the software requirements, advantages and, of course, the disadvantages of using the CorelDraw X7 version. This work explains in detail everything you will need to know in the use of CorelDraw X7.

Features of CorelDraw x7 Crack Keygen

  • Customized workplaces so that new or casual users can easily select a workplace that suits their level of usage.
  • Expanded free content with over 1000 clip arts, 1200 objects, 2000 original photos, 600 design templates, 400 pattern files, and other new features.
  • Easy tutorial with over five hours of lectures on how to use the software. With this, it makes it easy to use and understand the new features.
  • A default workspace that is clean and friendly for professional designers.
  • A designed surface for page layout and illustration which make it easy to work on a specific project. With the page layout, you will find text related tools for it is understood you will be working using text more. While the illustrations layout, you will find more of tools relating to images for easy working with the program.
  • It comes with a new font playground dockers for trying out different fonts. This will enable beginners or designers with no idea of the font to use try out different fonts easily u till you get it right.
  • X7 has a build in QR code tools for easy connection with other devices.
  • It comes with style dockers which you can use to maintain the relationship of colors when changing them.
  • New drawing tools such as smoothing tool, a file creation tool, fill picker and fountain fill which help you edit your work and ale it perfect.
  • A easily overflow button that you can use to pick hidden tools, commands or settings.
  • This version also allows you to work on different documents with multiple screens

System Requirements.

  • Memory: At least, 2GB of RAM is required.
  • Hard drive: At least, 7GB free space for the software is needed.
  • Operating System: Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) and above is required. If using Windows XP, you may need to upgrade.
  • Processor speed: Core i3 (Intel or Athlon64) and above.
  • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 720 or more
  • Drive: A perfectly working DVD driver if the installation is with disk
  • Input Devices: Mouse (wireless or wired)
  • Software: An updated version of Microsoft internet explorer 8 or higher versions
CorelDraw x7 Crack Keygen {32/64 Bit} Free Download

How to install CorelDraw x7

  • Ensure that you have all the system requirements for CorelDraw x7 as listed above
  • Charge fully the system
  • Disable all antivirus before installation begins.
  • Extract the file from the RARE file
  • Open the file and then use the appropriate bit of your system whether 32bit or 64 bit as the case may be
  • Right click on the CorelDraw X7 set up the file, click on run as administrator on the right side of the toolbar
  • It will show a dialogue box at the end of the page displayed asking you to click on the terms and conditions acceptance, click on “I accept” then on “next”
  • It brings another dialogue box asking for your serial number of the products
  • With Keygens, enter the serial numbers for CorelDraw X7
  • Use the custom installation key and click next
  • Keep clicking next until you see the ‘’install now’’ button, then click
  • Wait until the installation is complete and then click on finish
  • You may have to reboot your system to make sure the new version is in sync with the system.


  • A good and excellent graphic user interface with advanced features
  • Excellent interactive tools for easy usability even by beginners
  • A more complex tools for excellent designs
  • Users can use the barcode scanners to create or scan barcodes.
  • Optimization for speed and precision
  • Offers a range of user manuals to get users acquainted with the functionalities
  • Offers a purchasing plan that is either an outright payment or a subscription  model of payment
  • It can accommodate your skill level with a customized workplace.
  • You can easily work on multiple documents at a time.
  • Lots of pre-installed images, clip art, fonts and training videos.
  • You can create and easily verify barcodes with the QR code tools.


  • It is expensive
  • It has lots of advanced features that will require training to be able to use it.


Designing has become an integral skill in using a computer. You might need to design your office work, project work or work on a logo as a professional; the right tool is required to do the work. The CorelDraw x7 Crack is an updated version of CorelDraw which has lots of advanced and new features that make designing a delight. The program has features for everyone from the novice or amateur to the professionals.

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