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Freemake Video Converter Gold 4 Activation Key 2024

freemake video converter key windows free for you. Are you looking for a free, user-friendly way to edit personal videos? Do you ever wish you could switch between various formats and do all of this within just a few minutes? Freemake Video Converter is all that and more, so stay tuned for a little more information.

crack freemake video converter little tool has been initially released eight years ago and the latest version for video converting is signed as 4.1.10 and it came out in 2018. The mastermind behind is the infamous Ellora Assets Corporation. Because the video converter supports more than 500 different formats and can be used on almost any mobile device it has become very popular. Apart from this, it can also be used for creating slideshows using any photos you add or adding custom subtitles to the videos you create.

Freemake Video Converter Serial key Crack Free Activation

Freemake Video Converter Serial key Crack Free Activation

Features of Freemake Video Converter Gold 4 Activation Key 2020

Some user-friendly features include:

  1. Drag and Drop interface
  2. Presets
  3. Built in video editor
  4. Easy video conversion
  5. Photo slideshow
  6. Background music
  7. Convert videos from Youtube
  8. 4K, HD
  9. Upload clips to Youtube
  10. Convert movies with subtitles


If you are using this software just to practice your video editing skills, you could use the free version but your videos will have a watermark on them. To remove the watermark, you can pay $19.00 USD for one time use or you could pay $9.00 USD/year. It is also possible to remove the watermark by using a cracked version of the full software. To crack this, you will need to follow these simple steps

  1. Convert file into Bluray or DVD
  2. Burn Bluray or DVD
  3. Convert any video file into MKV, WMV, or AVI
  4. Quickly convert audio file into MP3
  5. Convert images into PNG, GIF, JPEG
  6. Also, Convert online FLV to MP3
  7. Convert video to flash or HTML5 and insert where you want it


  1. Windows compatible
  2. Easy to crack
  3. freemake video converter crack key can be used for creating a single file using various videos
  4. The system requirements are pretty basic
  5. Available in multiple languages
  6. Easy to use features
  7. Most of the functions come at no cost
  8. No malware or adware


  1. Slow
  2. More popular formats could be incorporated
  3. No audio effects
  4. Limited free editing tools

System requirements:

  1. Make sure the operating system is one of the following: Windows XP, Vista or any later version
  2. A minimum of 512MB is necessary as far as the RAM is concerned
  3. Check if you have enough hard drive memory available which should be at least 1GB for this tool


Installing Freemake is very easy. Just go to Freemake and you will see all the different versions of the software you can download, click on the one you want and follow instructions from there. There is even the option to install software while you are offline.

Before going through the installation process, make sure that the operating system you are currently using is supported. freemake video converter download with crack would also be good to check if you possibly have any older versions of the software already installed and if you are simply looking for an upgrade. If this is the case, it would be best to uninstall the previous version first before downloading the new one. Another good tip would be to check the current setting on your antivirus program and to switch it off until you get the video converter working since it could keep warning you about threats that are not realistically there and prevent you from a successful installation.

Once you download the correct file from the official website, follow all the instructional steps, be sure to finish the process with a restart of your computer to ensure the whole process is correct.


Easy to install, a wide range of formats, user friendly features, and a low annual fee make this software one of the best ones to use if you need a video converter. The pros outweigh the cons as long as you aren’t in a hurry. The converter can be slow and if you want to crack the software to remove the watermark without paying for it you still have to go through the added steps of cracking. Learning how to use crack for freemake video converter doesn’t take very long so if you are planning to use it once for a big project it is worth it.

There have been some complaints in the past about malware in the software but that has been addressed and now there is no risk of installing malware. With every new version of the software there are improvements that make it even more user friendly. A software that can keep improving like that is worth using and old users have a reason to stay loyal to it while getting rewarded with new features constantly.

Final thoughts

With the era of technology going forward every single day, software tools like this one need to keep up with new competition on a daily basis. The tool has been on the market for almost a decade and the makers have listened to most of the complaints and suggestions that users gladly provide. For the most part, the software can truly be of great assistance whether it is for the amateur or for the professional who is simply looking for a quick, painless fix to a small problem. The best part is that it easily operates with pictures and lets you create your own little videos which you can edit additionally, add effects and even subtitles.

The output formats you can pick from are growing constantly and new ones are being added as we speak. Even if you need to turn your videos into something more ‘’extra’’, you have the option of paying a small fee for additional effects and features. At this point, you should already head over to their website and check out everything we talked about so far and decide for yourself if this is what your creative side was looking for.

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