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iMazing Crack:

iMazing Crack is a trusted application that gives you full access to all your data transfer unlike software such as iCloud and iTunes. The transferring of files with iMazing between your MAC device and other iOS devices do not require any synchronization process. The process simply looks as if the iPhone device was just a normal or regular drive. Aside from the primary purpose that this application is known for, it helps you to backup whatever file for data you have on your iOS device. This is effective whenever you update your iOS device.

This tool was initially known as DiskAid. DigiDNA is an independent software/ application developer responsible for the creation of iMazing software. DigiDNA was incorporated with the name DigiDNA Sara in Switzerland in the year 2008. The iMazing name was adopted in 2014. The team of DigiDNA rebranded most of their flagship products during that time. The next version, iMazing 2, was however released in September 2016. Some other versions were later released as well. The latest version is the 2.5.3 version in which edition of iOS 11 compatibility is part of the features it parades.


  • The transfer of files from MAC to PC to any iPhone device is done without the loss of the original data.
  • Transferring of media files really between iTunes and iPhones without erasing.
  • While you are transferring your music files, you can also transfer some other things alongside them. The likes of the album, artwork, play counts, artist, rating, and so on are some of the other features transferred alongside the music files.
  • The file transfer that you carry out with iMazing between computers and iOS devices are very quick.
  • You can easily prints or export call history and messages.
  • The data restore and the backup feature is flexible.


  • It cannot be used to transfer voice memos, podcast, audiobooks, and some other media types.
  • There is no provision of one-click feature that can make you quickly transfer your entire library between iTunes and iPhone.

Is iMazing A Safe Software for Me?

Most computer users always like to know whether the software is safe to be used or not. The reasons for this most times is as a result of virus most software includes on their computers. Port for iMazing, it is a safe software. It is a widely trusted and reliable software. With the scanning of iMazing with the use of bitmedic antivirus as make clarification on the fact that it is truly free from virus. So, if you are trying to limit the performance of iMazing because of the virus, it is absolutely virus-free.

Now, considering the level of the operation, it is as well save to be used. There is a notification feature that you are allowed to anytime you need to make an important decision on this application. For example, you will get a notification anytime you want to you raise or delete any content whether you really want to carry out that activity out or not. It simply offers you a second step confirmation.

iMazing: Free or Paid

iMazing is not free software; however, you can download the app free of charge and run it on your PC or MAC bikes. With the free trial option, you are limited to certain features of the package alone. You will be required to upgrade the film version to full version. Some of the features you tend to enjoy on your full paid version are automatic backups, transfer any amount of data between your computer and device. Unlike the free version, if you exist data transfer limit, it will simply notify you to get a licensed in order to unlock the iMazing full version. iMazing offers customer of great discounts. They offer about 30% educational discount for professors and students. They also have plans that fit an enterprise business size.

How to Use and Crack iMazing

Using this application is an easy task for you to carry out. You will need to get the iMazing software on the official site of the company that developed this app. Install it on your MAC or PC, then, connect the Apple device with you to your PC via Wi-Fi or a USB cable.

In case this is your first time of using this app, you will need to utilize a USB cable to pair your device to the computer. Then, for the connection to be completed, you will activate the command that you trust your computer. With this, you will be given permission to read data available in your device.

What is in iMazing Crack for you?

Since the main functions of this app include transferring your data, importing & exporting, backing up, and restoring backups, this section will have four sub-sections under the following headings given below:

The smart means of backing up any of iOS device

  • With this app, files of different types such as contacts, call histories, photos, account, apps data, voice mail, calendars, health data, safari bookmarks, voice memos, kitchen, preference settings, apple watch data can be backed up. However, this app is not in support of iTunes media library (Podcasts, music, ringtones, iTunes U, movies, and iBook).

  • There are several options of backing up your files with iMazing one of the options is an automatic backup. This feature requires you to have iMazing meaning on your device. It is an option that allows you to run and backup automatically, privately, and wirelessly. Some of the other options available our backup location, backup encryption, back-up archiving, and Wi-Fi connection

Flexible means of restoring files needed from backups

  • iMazing offers customers customized data restore feature. This is a feature that outshines the likes of iTunes and iCloud during the restoration of a lost or previous backup. With the iMazing app, you can decide to completely restore your entire backup, then extract your files back. You can decide to be selective about the dataset you would prefer to restore.

Convenient means of transferring data from a device to another device

  • Maybe you are interested in getting an app that you conveniently transfer all your files from your old phone to your new phone- iMazing is the ideal app for you. It allows users to quickly transfer and copy all their contents and files from an old phone to a new phone

Moving of files between computer and iOS device in an easy way

  • This feature helps in saving time while exporting or importing files between your computer and any other kind of device.
iMazing Crack Activation Number Full Version

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