iobit Driver Booster Pro v10.0.0.65 License Key + Crack {Windows}

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IoBit Driver Booster Pro Crack + license key free download

iobit Driver Booster pro key for windows 7, 8, 8.1. Almost all the problems encountered by PCs today start with the issue of drivers’ incompatibility. Most computer users have lamented over this severally. However, updating drivers manually can be very tedious considering the fact that it has to be carried out one after the other. But then, if your drivers are not compatible with your OS or they are outdated, you could face any of these challenges – graphics problem, sound issue, bluescreen of death, and slow performance challenges.

Moreover, all these problems only require the proper approach of updating all the drivers on your laptop regularly. Therefore, from the recommendation of experts, you will have to have a third-party program that will make the updating stress-free. Now, checking the market for a reliable software will make you come across many applications and software curbing the manual and long process of updating drivers on the PC. 

Perhaps you are wondering what makes Driver Booster different from others? Many of these driver updating programs truly proffer solution to the manual problem of updating drivers. However, most add another kind of problem while trying to correct one. Driver Booster Pro, a reliable software was introduced for the automatic downloading, installation, and updating of drivers with only one click. Also, with this single act, your time is saved thereby giving you the chance to carry out some other profitable activities. This program optimizes your downloading process and the backup of PC drivers to the very latest version. Download iobit driver booster pro full crack boosts the performance of your games and improves your gaming experience. Some of the components in it that makes your game to run smoothly are Silverlight 5, Microsoft Visual C++, and XML 6.0.

Driver Booster Pro Download:

Furthermore, Driver Booster Pro key is in support of more than 3 million different drivers in which it fixes faulty, outdated, and missing drivers. The updating of Intel driver, network, wireless LAN, Ethernet controller, HD Graphics, LAN, HD Audio, Intel Audio, chipset, NVIDIA drivers, USB drivers, WLAN, Microsoft drivers products are easily carried with no stress. This program is only in support of drivers that have successfully passed the test of WHQL. The introduction of HTTPS connection to of any of your activities while downloading drivers’ updates. A restore point feature which is included in this software serves as a means of guarantying your computer a high level of safety so as to prevent an unsuccessful installation process. The backup option in this program is another helpful tool. iobit driver booster pro crack 2024 helps when it seems you might be facing the issue of compatibility.

iobit Driver Booster Pro License Key + Crack {Windows}

Features of Driver Booster Pro key

  • The single click updating process
  • Boosting the game performance
  • Scanning automatically and the identification of damaged and missing drivers
  • Automatic backup of all drivers
  • Automatically restoring when needed
  • Larger database
  • Excellent customer care support
  • Provision of 24/7 services
  • Also, 100% secured and protected updating
  • Fixing of common errors prompt by the various drivers
  • Compression of the driver package
  • Updating of game component
  • Superfast updating of the package download
  • Support of millions of different drivers

Functions of IoBit Driver Booster pro key

Auto update and Deep Scanning

  • From the various tests carried out on other similar products to Driver Booster, it has been realized that Driver Booster Pro is simply the best among them all. Though there are some shortcomings in its functions, it always finds a huge number of outdated drivers and then does the needful. This is as a result of its deep scanning and updating to the recent version of the program.

Backup of Driver and its Restore

  • Sometimes, after completing an updating process, you just discover that you need something important from the old version. With Driver Booster Pro, it backs up all the current drivers or drivers that are presently on your system before starting the updating process. This is accomplished with the Rescue Center feature in it. Also, if you have accidentally deleted some aspect of your old version and the latest version seems not to be successfully installed, then Driver Booster Pro is the best tool here again. It will help you with restoring all the previous version.

Updating of Game Components

  • download iobit driver booster pro crack component is another important aspect of Driver Booster. This software makes it possible for you to have Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable suites together with some other game components. Just with one click, it will scan and notify you of the gaming components that may have been outdated or missing on your system.

Game Booster

  • This software is an excellent game booster because it has the ability to free up spaces in your RAM. It helps in the disabling contents that are unnecessary, thereby, creating more space in the process. This function is just like an additional and bonus feature in Driver Booster Pro. In addition, the other related factors that make the game interesting are adequately put into proper place. The likes of sound issue, network failure, bad resolution, device errors, and some more are adequately fixed.


  • The interface is of a great look. It is simple and of a high friendly environment. Navigating from one option to any option is responded to with swift action. On the interface of this program, the scan button is seen at the center, the navigation options can be seen on clicking the 3 vertical dots, and the left bar contains the Rescue & Tool button. The interface is simply superb and comfortable to work on.

How to Crack?

  1. First, download the Driver Booster Profile
  2. Activate the license by clicking on the icon located on the right bottom corner (NOTE: If it is a free version, there is no need to activate the license. However, it is advisable to get the Driver Booster Pro version)
  3. Finally, you can start using your Driver Booster. Enjoy!

System Requirements

  • This software can work with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Vista, and Windows 8


  • iobit driver booster pro crack download installs quickly
  • Supporting of batch downloading of drivers
  • Automatic creating a restore point for your driver before updating it
  • There is no limit attached to the number of drivers that you can download and update


  • There must be access to an internet connection for it to work properly while scanning the drivers on your system for updates


Now, you are now well equipped about the great advantages of using Driver Booster Pro. Therefore, do not waste your time searching the web for just any software. Driver Booster pro crack has always been a reliable software and is continually improving their features almost every time.

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