MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 PRODUCT KEY Updated 100% Working

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Microsoft office 2010 product key seemingly never gets tired of improving the quality of the service they provide to their customers. As such, they have revisited their product key and come up with a newer version; Microsoft Office 2010 product key. This latest wonder also known as Office 14 has broken the boundaries of its predecessor with its new features. Research and development of this version commenced in 2006 and then it was ready and made available for sale online in June 2010. It is a Microsoft Office productivity suite for Windows and a successor of Microsoft Office 2007.

When purchased, it comes with its product key. Its several new features are expected to help researchers, sales persons, human resource persons and development professionals work better.

This version has a new user interface known as a Backstage view interface. This new Backstage view interface is a replacement for the Office menu which was first introduced in Office 2007 and was created to grant access to document management and tasks sharing by integrating them within one location.

The ribbon which was launched with Office 2007 came with Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Word and Outlook and is the sole interface user for all applications and can be used in this new version. Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key Free

MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 PRODUCT KEY Updated 100% Working

Some other features that can be found in this new version are:

  • A protected view
  • The PowerPoint in this version has a Broadcast Slide Show that affords you the ability to instantly broadcast your presentation.
  • It has an improved file format support
  • Also, it creates opportunities for co-authoring. This feature allows multiple users work on a document simultaneously.
  • With an improved paste button, users can pick from the several options that help save your energy and time.
  • It has SharePoint and OneDrive integration
  • Also, it has improved media and picture editing apparatus.
  • It has a standalone sandbox domain to keep users safe from malevolent content. 
  • Some other new features are the Sparklines and Slicer which give you useful details about your data.

This version is the first to come in two variants which are IA-32 and x64. The x64 version does not work so well with Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP. This is also the first version that demands activation of product for volume license editions. It supports Windows Vista SP1, Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2003 SP2 and others.

More than the previous version, it was accepted by many, receiving praise for the new options for the ribbon, the Backstage view interface and the ability of the ribbons to work with applications. Within just a few years, over 200 million copies of its license were sold before it was discontinued in January 2013. It stopped receiving mainstream backing on October 13th 2015 and it has been decided that its extended support will be brought to an end on October 13th 2020.

UI Additions

  • This version has a splash screen that has been remodified compared to that of the previous version, Office 2007. It shows animations when its app is launched.
  • It has silver as its default scheme colour rather than blue which was used for the previous version. Also, it features a 5.1 contrast ratio which makes accessibility better and reading easier.
  • On the ribbon, you will find an equation tools contextual tab which is supported by PowerPoint and OneNote mathematical equations.
  • All the icons for its apps have been modified. These new icons are colour based in correspondence to their apps.
  • Additionally, you can now access Actions (previously named Smart tags) from the context menu. It was first launched in Office XP.
  • With new alignment guides that come with PowerPoint and Publisher, users can align items to a network.


The new interface comes with information about newly installed language options with related elements, a ScreenTip language element that helps users personalize the language of tooltips and hyperlinks for downloading more content.

  • It comes with an Accessibility Checker feature in PowerPoint, Word and Excel that check documents for problems that can have adverse effects on visually challenged readers. This feature can be found through the “Check for Issues” button on the group named ‘Prepare for Sharing’. It is on the information tab of the Backstage view. When you click the button, it opens a task pane that has a list of accessibility problems found in the document. It also offers suggestions that can be used to handle the issues.
  • Among its many new features is one known as Mini Translator which permits users to translate texts in Outlook, OneNote, word and PowerPoint. Translated words or phrases are put on display in the tooltip. From there, users can hear audio pronunciations of words that they selected made available by a Microsoft text-to-speech voices that is installed on a machine. Users can then insert translation to another document.
  • Also, the Speak feature makes audio pronunciations possible. This is accessible distinctively through the Mini translator. However, it can only be activated if you have installed a text-to-speech mechanism that complements selected language. As a user, one can download various text-to-speech mechanisms from Microsoft. Unfortunately, if this software is installed on Windows XP, Speak feature cannot function.


There are three versions of this software and their product keys you can purchase online.

  • Office Professional version starts from $499
  • Home and Business version goes for $279.95
  • Home and Student version costs $149.95

It is also available for free on trusted websites. To completely activate this software, you must have original product key. There is currently no upgrade available for this software.


This new version, Microsoft 2010 product key is another amazing product of Microsoft. It affords users many attractive features that make information technology more interesting and rewarding. It comes with a price that you will not regret paying and alternatively, you can access keys from the website. This is one of the most famous product because of the benefits that users enjoy.

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