Paint Tool SAI Crack For Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1 Free Download

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What is Paint SAI and who it’s suitable for?

Paint Tool SAI Crack is a paint tool for Windows PCs that lets users explore their creative side. It is a popular lightweight software for both editing and printing your photos. A fact worth mentioning is that this software provides free built-in editing features.  It was developed and published by the Systemax Software on August 02, 2004. The application is available in numerous languages including Japanese and English. The tool itself is in fact quite useful with simple and easy to understand guidelines to help you edit your photos. The best part is that digital art turns into some comfortable and fun to play around with.

Paint Tool SAI Crack For Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1

Main Features of Paint Tool SAI Crack:

  • New versions provide a pad for color mixing and the new colors can be added to the panel for future image editing which many professionals truly appreciate.
  • New tools for layering which add an appealing and engaging effect to your images.
  • It offers numerous tools that are built-in. The basic ones that we can mention include the pencil, brush, eraser, and watercolor and paint color.
  • Has a top-notch, easy to use illustrative user interface.
  • Can transfer edited images into different formats – for example, PSD. New formats are being added constantly
  • Provides anti-aliasing drawings
  • When talking about the more advanced features, you can now change the overall image appearance in pretty much any way your skills and creativity allow you to.
  • Can spin, flip and magnify images for editing.
  • The watercolor tool makes blending a piece of cake
  • Functions aimed at data protection in order to avoid bugs
  • A user can open multiple pages, pictures or documents at the same time which makes the creative multitasking a lot easier and more fun to experiment around with.
  • Documents can be transformed into different formats such as as.BMP or.PSD files which can then be printed out
  • Supported layers include blending mode, protections and clipping groups
  • Shape, Text, Linework included.

System Requirements

  • The needed video Memory is 32 MB.
  • 450 MHZ Pentium Processor
  • The minimum needed RAM is exactly 256 MB
  • The minimum hard disc space required is 512 MB
  • As for the operating system, it can be either of the following: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7,8,8.1 or XP


The software costs about 6000 JPY, but a number of shareware websites offer it with a crack code totally free.

Installing and cracking Paint Tool SAI.

First of all, software users need some basic knowledge about Windows and the Internet, so it is best to just follow the steps listed below. The download and installation process should be completed in just a few clicks of a mouse.

  • First off, download the original software from the official website.
  • Install and run the original at least one time. It would be good to check whether you

possibly have any previous versions already installed.

  • Now download the crack from your chosen trusted site.
  • Extract the crack file.
  • Now open the crack file and copy the provided key.
  • Go to Local Disk C or whichever you chose as your main file destination.
  • Open Paint Tool SAI files.
  • Paste the Crack key here.
  • If you managed to do all of this, you should have the tool on your PC now. A final restart and check would be recommended.


  • Perfect for both basic and average illustrations
  • Photoshop files can be imported as well as saving your work in photoshop file format.
  • Your work can be auto saved every several minutes – you can change the time interval to suite your preference – when working with big files these issues are very common so make sure your work is always protected and saved to avoid frustration
  • Ideal for those creative minds who are still running on a low budget and can’t afford expensive tools
  • The strokes and pressure feel realistic when deciding to combine it with a graphics tablet
  • It is very neat and accurate thanks to the stabilizer it uses for both lines and points
  • Numerous tutorials are available – both from the creators and since the tool is quite popular, many people have probably already wrote about any issues you might encounter
  • Lots of paint options for both the amateur and the professional users looking to create real works of art
  • Includes numerous layers and canvases
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • While the interface is definitely easy to get around, we must point out that a renovation might be good, since older users claim that it is plain and outdated
  • The trial version of the software only lasts one month after which you have to decide whether the tool is worth purchasing or not
  • Doesn’t offer many filters
  • Lacking function to print documents
  • Takes time to learn advanced features
  • The maximum canvas size is restricted
  • You may need to download some extra brushes on the side if you wish to create what you had envisioned
  • The tool itself is a lot better for creating new artwork than manipulating already existing photos
  • The program does crash and bug from time to time so keep your work saved at all times
  • There is no technical support offered by the developer
  • Does take time to apply advanced functions
  • Possible crashes of the software when working with large files.

In Summary

Paint Tool SAI Crack is an excellent choice for learners or first-time coloring tool users. It can also be fun to play around with for those with a little more image editing experience, so it is definitely not boring. The crucial feature of the software is that it is easy to use especially for those people who don’t know how to edit and wish to learn more. An added advantage for the new users is that it is also very easy to install and operate.  This program makes digital art both more enjoyable and comfortable. Overall, if you are looking into unleashing your creative side but your pocket size can’t keep up with your wild imagination, you are on the right track with Paint Tool SAI.

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