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Traktor Pro 3 Crack:

Traktor Pro 3 Crack is a DJ software built by Native Instruments which was first released in 2000. Even though the software has more than 500,000 active users (including some of the world’s best DJs), there had been a general feeling for quite some time that Traktor is slowly dying. The digital DJ market is growing quickly and is cluttered with competition.

However, last year they showed signs of life when it was announced that they were taking a huge outside investment of $59 million. Such capital coming from outside can easily shift a company’s priorities.

This theory was only proven true when they discontinued 2 of their products in early 2018; Kontrol D2 and Kontrol S5.

After that they announced that on 18th of October they will release a completely new version of the software. They claimed that this would be the most stable version that had been put out yet.

New features of Traktor Pro 3 Crack

Fast-forward to the present, here we are after the release. So, how exciting is it?

With the software nearing 20 years since its’ first release, Native Instruments have remained true to their roots, still keeping the classic core functions, such as:

  • 4 virtual decks for playback,
  • Automatic detection of beats
  • Automatic synchronization etc.
In addition, they have introduced brand new elements to improve and modernize it as much as possible, e.g.:
  • A new user interface,
  • New audio engine,
  • New Mixer FX,
  • MDI Mappings.

Users had been asking for an improved interface for years and they finally got it. The new interface is darker and for the sake of clarity, everything has been flattened and sharpened. DJing can be very challenging and it is important to react instantly, especially if you are in front of a huge audience.

After launching the software, you’ll notice that there are 9 different Mixer FX which have 2 “poles”, meaning they have two opposite ranges to them. At 12 o’clock the mixer is off, so to turn on the effects, you have to go clockwise or counterclockwise if you wish to use the opposite effect.

For Traktor, it doesn’t matter if you are a professional DJ in a huge festival or you just want to try some of your favorite tracks on a Sunday afternoon with your friends. Neither does it matter if you like heavy bass drops or smooth transitions. With the new Mixer FX you have plenty to choose from:

  • Reverb: increases reverb resonance depending on how you turn it.
  • Dual Delay: adds a short delay to the audio.
  • Noise: adds a light white noise to the audio.
  • Time Gater: gates the track in time with the BPM.
  • Flanger: adds a 4 beat flanger.
  • Barber Pole: makes the audio sound like it is building all the time
  • Dotted Delay: also another delay.
  • Crush: increases or decreases the intensity, depending on how you turn it.
  • Filter: the classic Traktor filters.


These are designed to be foolproof, but that’s not the case for the Macro FX. They are similar too, but primarily meant to be for more advanced users.
Also, worth mentioning that these new Mixer FX are completely separate from the old FX. Therefore, you can use them without filling FX unit slots, which is pretty awesome.

Until now, with the software you couldn’t play the track in reverse, while all the competitors had presented this feature quite long ago. It seems that finally Traktor is listening to the users’ demands.
Mixing tracks will be a much more user-friendly experience now. This is most likely a result of a new time stretching algorithm.

While it is important to mention that Native Industries has licensed the newest version of the plane’s élastiquePro V3 engine, we acknowledge that it is hard to understand in words the difference it can make to a DJ’s performance. That’s why it’s better if you see a real comparison with the élastiquePro V2 engine in this video:

Last but not least, the new version has Traktor Scratch included. That means that any setup you have will be compatible with the software and you won’t have to do any crazy workarounds to set up your DJ software. Even if you are playing back-to-back with somebody on a totally different setup, Traktor will adapt.

No more fooling around, hacking mixers or other illegal methods just to complete your setup.
Of course, for this, you will need a timecode control vinyl to connect with the system.

Setup and download

The software is compatible with Mac and Windows. Before downloading you should check if you meet the system requirements. For Mac, you need the 10.12, 10.13 or the latest 10.14 update. For Windows, you need to have one of Windows 7, 8 or 10. Other than that you will need Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU and 4GB RAM.

The product itself includes installing files and a PDF user manual.

If you want to find some inspiration to create sample collection and discover many ways of mixing you can also download separately free stems and remix sets. You can find them in the page of the Demo download link.

The new software costs 99$ for new buyers and for the current users of the older version, the upgrade costs 49$. This is the first time users have to pay for an upgrade in 8 years, even though some major changes and additions were made along the way. It is understandable though. They even doubled the team of engineers to build, both the hardware and software from scratch.

Before going through with the purchase you also have the demo version, which lasts for 30 minutes (can be reopened again though). You can find both versions by clicking here:

Worth noting, if you buy their upcoming physical product Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3 (899$), the software will be included.

Traktor Pro 3


It has been only a couple days since the release, but the general opinion seems to be positive, at least until now. It has been received pretty well from their loyal users, especially with the newly introduced features.

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