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VideoScribe Crack Full Version + license keys

VideoScribe crack is one of the video making software that is presently used in almost all countries of the world. Many and different kinds of people use this software to daily make numerous animated videos. With this tool, you can create videos from several images and QuickTime flash video. This application also selects images with formats jpeg and create whiteboard videos with them. Most users of VideoScribe are those in colleges, universities, and other types of institutions of learning for various kinds of purposes with the aid of samples and templates on it. Even BBC news encourages this tool and they use it as well. More than 2 million individuals are making use of VideoScribe in over 160 countries. This software simply speeds up the rate at which you make your video. It is a high-level type of software that runs with the latest set of animations.

Features of VideoScribe

In spite of the simple look of VideoScribe interface, it does not limit the various features to be included and expected on this software. The features meet up with the tools expected to make videos to be professional. However, the interface looks somehow different on the various operating system available in the market. But they still perform the same functions. Some of the features and their various usages are briefly discussed below:

Inserting Media

  • Firstly in any video, you will always require images to complete an animation video. Therefore, this feature is expected to bridge that gap. VideoScribe makes provision of some fairly comprehensive stock of images in their library for you to work with. Some of the categories of the image include animals, animated alphabet, weather, business icons, household, people, process, shapes, buildings, charts, and a host of others. With insert media, you can choose any image you want. However, these images are available in two different types. Some are free while you will need to pay for some.

Inserting Text

  • Just like images are important, the text is another feature you cannot neglect in the creation of animated videos. The Inserting Text option can be utilized for notes, bullets, image details, titles, and many more. This feature makes your video to look more engaging. Virtually, all the fonts present on Microsoft Words are on VideoScribe but you will need to activate most of the fonts yourself by downloading them. Some of the tools you can make use of to make your text look great are text color, animation, resizing, shape, size, and some others

Scene Animation & Timeline

  • Some of the tools under this feature are a copy, cut, paste, set camera, viewing eyes, clear camera, and so on. These tools are used when it comes to the dragging and dropping of your project accordingly on the timeline feature it is at this location you arrange how you want your video to play, the time you want it to end, and so on.

Audio and Voiceover functions

  • This feature has more than 200 clips. These clips have various kinds of features in them. You can check through the clips to see anyone that fit your project. It is at this juncture that you can also add audio to your video. You can also simply add a voiceover which is very simple to carry out. There is the option of the microphone, you will press this icon and decide when to start recording your voice.

Export and share

  • This is another feature that is mostly used after the completion of videos. There are several options for the exporting of your videos on videos cube. For a paid user, you can remove the watermark from your project and save your video in any format you want. Videos can be exported to Facebook, YouTube, or PowerPoint, in which you will fill in your credentials. Some of the format this software support our MOV, AVI, and WMV. The resolution that is set by default is 640p but you can change it to something higher. The frame rate can be changed too.

What Is New is VideoScribe Crack?

  1. Distinctive sound impact
  2. Verified recordings
  3. Changing of the width of a circle of GIFs

VideoScribe Working Mechanism?

Surprisingly this software has a simple editor in spite of all-powerful most people return it. From the interface, you can see it’s clearly organized in a simple format for the new user to easily get familiar with. There is a canvas area on the interface, the video timeline is placed at the bottom. Aside from the video timeline, the editing tools are located at the bottom bar as well. Also, there is a toolbar at the top. With the toolbar, you can add text, chart, or image content to your video. In addition, audio clips of voiceover located at this toolbar can be added to your video. However, all these tools are the top are grouped into 3 sections; save, view & exports, and the content tools. So, immediately you finished with your video creation it can be exported or uploaded to Facebook, PowerPoints, or YouTube.

What About its Safety?

Yes, this software is absolutely safe for you to use. It can be installed seamlessly, then interact with any computer device to import or export files you choose. Also, it is not the type of software with a virus embedded into it. It is simply malware-free. The software developer is a well-recognized and reputed company in the UK.

How to Crack?

  1. Download the VideoScribe crack
  2. Run and install it
  3. It’s done, then enjoy

Is VideoScribe Free Software?

The simple answer for this is no, however, you can use it freely for 7 days at no cost. But you need to be aware that your exporting options will only grant you access to Facebooks, PowerPoints, and YouTube and all the videos you created will have VideoScribe watermark.

So, in order to enjoy the full features of VideoScribe, apply for the licensed paid version. It is affordable and very cheap to purchase. You can get year access at the rate of 144 dollars. Also, there is an option to pay for a lifetime, in which this package cost around 665 dollars. However, this is not advisable for you except you are sure of using this software continuously for the next 4 years or more. They also have packages for non-profit organizations, education, and a package of multiple licensed discounts.


  1. This software is easy when a new user needs to learn how to use it
  2. Export options with different varieties
  3. The uncluttered and clean user interface
  4. Importing of custom media in different formats
  5. Comprehensive image library


  1. Most of the graphics available are attached with a certain fee
  2. Cumbersome voiceover function


 VideoScribe crack is seen as one of the most effective, easiest, and cleanest whiteboard video creating application program available to people on the market. Using VideoScribe as always been a great moment. So you can make the decision of using this software for your animation videos.

Videoscribe Crack v3.3.1 + Keygen {Windows + MAC}

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