Microsoft Office 2013 product key generator Free UPDATED List

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Microsoft Office 2013 Product key generator latest version

microsoft office 2013 product key generator free for you. The Office package is the ultimate tool that provides apps for Microsoft users to create texts (Microsoft Word), spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel), slideshow presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint) and personal notes (Microsoft OneNote). The package was originally announced by Bill Gates in 1998 at the Comdex conference in Las Vegas. Since then, it’s been the chief tool that users rely on to fulfill office related functions. Although the 2013 version is not the most recent one, it contains all the most important features that most users need, while having a low impact on your PC performance. Let’s see below how each of the four tools in the package work.

Microsoft Office 2013 product key generator Free UPDATED List

Main Features of  Microsoft Office 2013 product key generator:

The four editors that makeup Office 2013 are divided in tabs that allow you to edit the texts, spreadsheets, slideshow presentations or notes. Mastering the ability to shift through those tabs effectively will guarantee that you have the basic skills necessary to make good use of the package.

The following tabs are common to the four programs:

  • “Starting” tab with tools to select font type, text color, paragraph settings, bullet points, text formatting, research and page color.
  • “Insert” tab to add images, graphs, tables, pictures, symbols, forms and shapes
  • “Layout” tab to configurate margins, page size, columns, lines, page breaks paragraph and line spacing
  • “Review” tab with assorted tools to review and correct your tab. This usually includes grammar review
  • “Display” tab to change the way in which your info is shown to you, with zooming in or out, accessibility and others
  • “Help” tab with useful info on how to use each feature
  • Uncountable keyboard shortcuts to fulfill all the tasks the programs provide

Other than these tabs, each of the four editors have particular tabs that will allow you to fulfill the particular tasks that each one is made for. Below are the particular tabs for each one of the four components of the package:

Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is the text editor in the package. You can use it to write articles, essays, letters, books, and mostly anything else you need. Its particular features are:

  • “Design” tab to pick out pre-made themes to the text or document you are going to produce, and also to add watermarks and borders 
  • “References” tab to add footnotes, endnotes, summary, subtitles, citations and indexes
  • “Mail” tab to create envelopes, etiquettes and letters

Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet editor)

Excel allows you to create useful spreadsheets that can be used to register financial information, schedules, plans and many others.  Its particular features are:

  • “Formulae” tab with which you can type in all kinds of formulae such as sums, finances, logics, text, date and hour, among many others. Each formula inserted you automatically complete your spreadsheet in the selected column or line. This is an advanced feature that takes some preparing and studying to master.
  • “Data” tab provides ways to get the necessary data from your spreadsheet, that can be found on the web or other sources. It also allows you to organize this data in many ways, such as sorting, filtering, cleaning and reapplying

Microsoft PowerPoint (slideshow editor)

Create slideshow presentations for your class or business meetings with Microsoft PowerPoint. The tabs below are its exclusive features:

  • “Transitions” tab, that allows you to choose from many options to create effects in the transition from one slide to another. Some examples are transforming, fading, pushing, and so on.
  • “Animation” tab to select different graphic animations that slide will perform upon appearing o the screen.
  • “Slideshow” tab to configure how the presentation, as a whole, will happen. The options are to start from the beginning, to start from any chosen slide, to hide a specific slide, to record the presentation, to present online, among others.

Microsoft OneNote (personal note editor)

Finally, this program can be used to register daily notes and reminders on any topic you need. The particulars:

  • “Insert” tab is a little different from the ones above. It contain tools to add tables, files, PDF, images, videos, links, audio and other items to the note.
  • “Drawing” tab to create mouse drawn notes, with virtual pens, pencil, eraser, markers. You can also create shapes and math equations


  • The pros to each of the components of the pack are the same: they’ll allow you to fulfill any task that all the work they cater to require, and also undo any mistakes that you might make.
  • Once you master the shortcuts, your work becomes a lot easier and quicker.


  • Each of the programs, especially the first two ones, require time and patience to learn how to use. If you are completely new to all of them, you should probably take some classes on how to use the one(s) you need.
  • The shortcuts are so many that it’s almost impossible to memorize all of them. This is not a big con, though, since you can always look them up on the internet.

Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU: 1 GHz processor
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Hard disk free space: 3 GB
  • Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

How to activate the package

In order to activate and use Office in your computer, the most simple way is by these steps:

  1. Download the original or torrent file for Office 2013.
  2. Run the torrent on your trusted torrent downloading software
  3. Crack it (the crack or license registration usually comes inside the torrent file you have downloaded
  4. Get started with your office work!


Academic writing, typing of documents, financial organization, presentations organizing, proofreading – you name it! With Microsoft Office 2013 there are no jobs like that you’ll leave undone. All four software are extremely effective and will do the job – whatever it is. It’s one of the most important se of tools for those kinds of computer jobs in the whole world, and it won’t disappoint you. If your computer is able to, be sure to try out the newer versions of the package as well.

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Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key Free

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