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Microsoft Windows 10 iso + torrent file free Download

Windows 10 torrent is the newest version of the Microsoft famous operating system. It was first announced in 1983 by its creator, Bill Gates. An operating system such as this is responsible for making your PC work, providing access to anything it can do. Since the 1980, it’s been one of the two most widely used operating systems in the world, along with its arch-rival iOS, from apple. This newest version brings about several new features and was considered by many a success, something that almost half of the older versions cannot brag about. We are going to see below how it works.

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Main Features of  Windows 10 torrent:

Overall, Windows 10 torrent has been considered an improvement when compared to its predecessor. The system’s new features, also combined with the old ones, create a clean and easy to use interface:

  • Settings and control panel are now unified and more user-friendly.
  • Action center with options on updates, screen control, notifications, protection and other.
  • Start Menu organized with an alphabetical list of the apps on the pc and also colorful tiles in different sizes for quick access
  • New Office Package with improvement to all editors and touch screen support
  • The “Cortana”, Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence feature, that facilitate researches and the general use of the system
  • New XBOX app for gamers
  • New Microsoft Edge browser, which replaces the old and infamous Internet Explorer
  • Multitasking is improved, and allows you to alternate between windows sets more easily
  • Universal Apps feature, which allows you to transition from many different devices
  • New Cloud Clipboard that allows you to access previously copied items using the command “win+V”
  • New sticky notes you can use to write down anything you should be reminded of


  • As mentioned above, setup and migration experiences are more simplified than in older versions
  • It doesn’t take a lot to learn how to use it. The experience is very intuitive
  • The browser is way better than Internet Explorer, in case you don’t want to use Google Chrome, Firefox or others
  • The setup and recovering tools have also become more user-friendly
  • The Action Center is functional and practical, providing a one-stop action to change everything you need on the interface and updates


  • As its predecessors, the operating system is more prone to crashes, bugs and external threats than its main competitor
  • Action Center won’t allow to respond to a tweet on the panel, although it’ll notify you of new ones
  • Many of the updates are mandatory, which means that often you will not be able to cancel an update
  • Microsoft Edge, the new browser, doesn’t have an extension model, which means that some websites might require you to use Internet Explorer
  • Some changed new functions will require readapting

System Requirements

  • 1 GHz processor, or faster 
  • RAM: at least 1 GB
  • Hard disk: at least 20 GB of free space
  • Graph card: DirectX 9 or newer version
  • Minimum display resolution: 800×600

How to use it?

As you must know, every operating system provides a seemingly endless array of tools, functions and features. They range from the most basic ones to the more complicated set. Below, we are going to show you how to use some of the most basic ones. You can easily get more specific help on the web.

Personalizing the Starting Menu

  1. To edit a colorful tile, right click on it to open the tile manager. There you can choose the size of the tile, the color, remove it from the menu and rearrange it in any way you desire.
  2. You can see a list of all apps by clicking on the option “All apps”. Then it’s possible to create new tiles from the app you wish.

Using the multitasking feature

  1. Click on the taskbar on the lower left corner of the screen. It’ll display all the simultaneous apps and programs that are currently open
  2.  Choose the program you want to use and repeat when you need to choose another one
  • Using Cortana
  • When you click on the search box on the lower left corner, you’ll automatically open up Cortana, the AI assistant
  • Select what you need, among apps, documents or other files
  • You can also type in a search word
  • Among the results provided, select the one you need
  • Activating voice control on Cortana
  • Click on the settings icon in the Start Menu
  • Choose the option “enable ‘Hey Cortana’”
  • When you use the voice command “Hey Cortana”, with the microphone on, you will automatically open the assistant. After that you can ask it to set reminders for future events, research anything you need, make up grocery lists, ask specific questions that you need answers for
  • Using the Action Center
  • Click on the chat bubble on the lower right corner
  • Your notifications will pop up. This includes system and app notifications, that can also be personalized using the cog icon
  • Click on the tiles to toggle on and off option such as airplane mode, Bluetooth, VPN, Focus Assistant, control of screen brightness and others.
  • Uninstalling unwanted apps
  • Open the Start Menu
  • Open the settings menu using the cog icon
  • Click on Apps
  • Choose the app you don’t need anymore
  • Click on uninstall and confirm. The system will remove the app

How to download it

You can either download the file from the original site or your favorite torrent downloading software. After choosing the file, simply follow the on-screen installation process step-by-step.


Windows 10 torrent is certainly more user friendly than its Apple counterpart, although it’s considered more vulnerable to malfunctions and external threats. In any case, it can run basically any program or app you need. The improved and simplified interface is also a big turn-on, as well as not having to deal with Internet Explorer anymore. If you are eager to try out the full scope of the new features, it would be best to purchase the whole package and have a reliable, original version.

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