WinThruster Product Key With Crack {Updated}

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WinThruster 2 Crack + Product Key Updated

WinThruster Product Key is a software developed by Solvusoft Inc. intended to fix issues and optimize the performance of your computer. Have you ever noticed that your computer becomes slower over time? Although the speed of CPU is determined by a crystal oscillator which, in theory, should mean that the speed of computers shall remain unchanged, we all know from our personal experience this isn’t the case. Why is so?

Most notably, the longer you use your computer, more programs you install and computer has to carry more digital weight, which makes it operate more slowly. It is, therefore, not your computer’s or operating system’s fault. All programs that have been downloaded through years are slowing your computer down. Here is where WinThruster comes in as it optimizes your system in order that it performs like its brand new.

WinThruster Product Key With Crack {Updated}

What does WinThruster do?

Scan a wide range of issues in all areas of your computer

  • Comprising scanning technology is used to scan for the whole range of issues and in all areas of your computer like File Associations, Program Shortcuts, Shared Folders, Windows startup Items, and many more, from which performance issues could originate.

You are able to reverse any repairs with just one click

  • As changes to your computer often result in even more issues, WinThruster prior to changes creates a backup copy of the registry, which allows you to restore your computer to the previous state if anything goes wrong.

Customize your own scanning schedules

  • WinThruster enables you to determine days and specific times when you want the program to perform its scanning task. That way, you won’t be able to forget about scanning, as well as won’t be bothered by a program at an inappropriate time.

Customize in accordance with your need

  • In order to meet your individual needs, a number of options, such as Choose preferred language, Check for updates automatically, Create backup before repairing issues, and many more can be customized.

Manage your startup with ease

  • One of the most pressing issues of a slow computer is connected to the vast number of programs that are being automatically loaded by your computer during startup. WinThruster fixes this problem with ease by providing a Startup Program Manager that allows you to enable and disable any program that loads at startup.

Complete transparency

  • WinThruster stores complete scanning log files about each respective scan. Simply open the Settings menu where you can see the exact time of each performance scan. If you open these log files, the exact details of WinThruster operations during a particular scan can be found. This screen allows you to reverse each respective repair, if necessary.

Choose which categories to scan

  • If you want to save time by not scanning certain categories every time, you can manually choose which categories of performance you would like to ignore or include. This feature is advisable only to more advanced computer users.

WinThruster Product Key

WinThruster key Features

  • Optimize your computer in order to perform like new
  • Repair any PC issues
  • Remove any computer clutter
  • Extend your computer’s life
  • Decrease the loading time of your programs
  • Easy-to-use
  • A backup copy of a registry is made prior to any changes are made
  • Scans 15 different problematic categories
  • You are able to reverse your repairs, if necessary
  • The complete repository of scans enable you to see details of every WinThruster scan
  • Save time by manually choosing which categories to scan
  • You can customize 9 different options like language, updates, automatic scanning and many more
  • Startup Program Manager allows you to enable or disable programs that load at startup
  • You can schedule scanning at a specific time
  • You are able to reverse any repairs with a click of a button

Does WinThruster really work?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this application. Some sites go as far as they regardĀ  WinThruster optimizer as a virus. Such characterization is definitely farfetched. Nevertheless, there are a number of computer security experts, who consider this program as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and advise against installing it.

Again, such views might be considered as excessive. But there is a third, prevailing, group of people who claim that WinThruster doesn’t do anything in regard to computer optimization. There is some truth in this opinion, at least when it comes to a free trial version of the WinThruster app. This version namely offers only limited features and doesn’t seem to be working properly.

But the same couldn’t be said for the full version of the respected program as it offers many effective features for system optimization and is especially useful for those who are not skilled in computer management.

How to start using WinThruster?

  1. Simply download and install WinThruster from its official website on your computer.
  2. Click the Start Scan button to identify issues with slow computer.
  3. Click the Repair all button in order to resolve those issues.

You can download WinThruster trial version for free and enables the use of a few software features. A purchase of a one-year software subscription is, however, available for 39.95 USD. This version is required to unlock all software features and is renewed automatically at the end of the one year period.

Although Solvusoft offers benefits like the discount for WinThruster if you buy it in a bundle with another software, or a guarantee of returning the money in case the buyer isn’t satisfied with the software’s performance, the price of this program seems pretty hefty nonetheless. In addition, users who use an only free versions of this software are likely going to be submitted to annoying fake ads convincing them to buy the full version.

We are therefore offering you WinThruster software with the full set of features completely for free. All you need to do is to follow the next few steps.

System requirements:

  • Windows 2000 or later operating system
  • 300 Mhz processor
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 11 MB hard drive space

How to activate WinThruster Product Key?

  • First, Download and install the program on your computer
  • After that, Create a crack file in the directory of the program
  • Follow the instructions
  • Finally, Enjoy using your optimized computer once again

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