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Office 2016 is a version of Microsoft Office suite products. It succeeded Microsoft Office 2013 and is a predecessor to Office 2019. As compared to previous versions, Office 2016 offers far greater collaboration capabilities. The new features make it easier for users to team up and share documents seamlessly. The software is also not confined to desktop PC or laptop users. Users can generate documents from their PC’s and afterwards edit them on their phones or tablets. Buying the original version can be quite expensive for users. However, one can download the full version of the software from trusted sources online. The user interface is pretty much similar to previous versions of Microsoft Office. However there are some new features that make it unique to consumers.

Main features of Office 2016

  • Integration with OneDrive and Skype

OneDrive integration allows users to view Office documents from any supported device anywhere. Skype for business feature enables users to talk to their fellow colleagues. This feature also allows users to share your screen with your friends and business partners. It also allows you to commence and participate in online meetings making it an effective communication platform.

  • Smart lookup

This feature enables users to counter check their words in Microsoft Office to alter spelling mistakes. This is achieved by simply highlighting a word or phrase and selecting Smart lookup. A sidebar normally appears with search results fitting your criteria.

  • Planner

This feature is available for Enterprise Office users. It enables managers to design dashboards for group work. Managers can delegate projects, keep track on progress made and reposition tasks directly from the dashboard. Whenever changes are made, group members are notified. This makes it an effective way of communication as compared to sending group emails.

  • Introduction of new visual features

Excel 2016 offers six new chart types. They include: Waterfall, Pareto, Treemap, Histogram, Bar & Whisker and Sunburst.

  • Clutter feature in Outlook

This feature helps in analyzing email patterns, observing the people you keep in touch with the most. By using this criterion, it focuses on your emails, showing you the most important emails while separating the least important ones into a new folder.

  • Zoom feature in PowerPoint

This feature allows users to navigate to different slides and sections in PowerPoint way easily. Some of the new zoom features on offer include: Summary zoom, Slide zoom and Section zoom.

  • Real-time co-authoring

This feature found in Microsoft Word allows users to view multiple people editing documents saved in Microsoft Cloud services.

  • Version history clarity

This is a feature that allows users to detect history of files. By clicking on the History command in the File Menu, one can view previous versions of a document. Users also have a choice of restricting files to an earlier version.

  • Upgraded Office menu options.

MS Office 2016 clearly enhances the menu options being offered. The Browse option is now visible and much accessible to users as compared to previous versions. The updated Open and Save as tabs helps in reducing perplexity amongst users as they navigate from one file to another.

System requirements for installation

  • Processor speeds of 1 GHz and above.
  • RAM of at least 2GB.
  • At least 3GB hard disk space.
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1280×800.
  • An operating system e.g. Windows, Linux, Apple O.S.
  • Browsers such as Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Nightly or Safari.
  • .NET 3.5, 4.0 or 4.5.
  • DirectX10 graphics card.

How do I download the full version of the software for free?

If one wishes to access Office 2016 for free with the product key, they can download the software from various sources online. Use the below links to download the software.

These are just examples of various sites that offer the software for free. When downloading Office 2016 via the internet, make sure that the site is legitimate. Some of these sites have installation packages that do not work properly. In extreme cases, you can end up downloading viruses and malware instead of the intended software. Once you download the software, you need a product key to activate your version of Office 2016 to access the full features on offer. The product key can also be outsourced from various sources online. Some of the sites that offer product keys for Office 2016 include:

Installation process

Once you download the software in form of zip form or ISO, use the following steps to install the software on your PC.

  • Extract the Microsoft Office setup. Once the process is complete, open and run the setup.
  • Patiently wait for the setup to finish installing as the process may take some time.

NB: It is important for users to have programs such as PowerISO or Winrar in order to extract the setup files for Office 2016.

  • Once the software is installed successfully, use the product key you downloaded or outsourced to activate Office 2016.

Major pros of MS Office 2016

  • Integration of cloud services

Users can now store documents in the cloud systems. This makes it easier for users to share documents across all platforms.

  • Compatibility

Office 2016 is compatible with most operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 10 and MAC users.

  • Enhanced security features.

Security options such as data loss prevention, multifactor authentification and enterprise data protection gives users various ways they can use to secure information and prevent unnecessary loss of data.

  • Improvement in productivity levels

Office 2016 clearly focuses on production levels over technical capabilities. The clear emphasis is on how things are executed as compared to how they work.

  • Read mode feature makes it easy for users to view documents.
  • Simplification of editing features

Office 2016 allows users to edit files easily as compared to different versions. PDF files can now be edited via Office, a feature that was not possible in previous versions.

  • The software allows users to add videos to existing content.

Why you should consider upgrading to MS Office 2016

The new features on offer make it user friendly and popular amongst many users worldwide. Download the software for free and enjoy the many benefits on offer.

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