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Recover My Files crack is inevitable to lose data and files that are important to you as a PC user. Many things can be responsible for such. Some of the reasons for this unwelcome event are (and are not limited to) the loss of your device or gadget, files lost during disk formatting or reinstallation. Also, files can be removed due to virus attack, malware or a sudden shutdown of your PC or by accidentally clicking the delete button on your device.

Moreover, Recover My Files Crack is a software that helps you recover lost data from various kinds of storage devices and drives like flash drives, USB, hard disk drives and memory cards. It is said that the software uses a principle known as File Carving to retrieve lost files from unreserved clusters in your device. This is to say all those storage areas in your PC that you hardly ever consider for saving documents.

ALso, this software makes it possible for you to view all recoverable data so that you can choose the ones you want.  Henceforth, you don’t have to go down with a fever or have a headache because you lost a file. Isn’t this good news?

Recover My Files Crack + Activation Code Free Download

FEATURES of Recover My Files crack

This software has several attractive features besides being user-friendly, safe and risk-free.

  • It functions well with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems
  • Also, it is able to read a reasonable number of file formats (HFS/HFS+ – for Mac OS, FAT and NTFS)
  • It has a disk imaging feature
  • It recovers files from the recycle bin even after they have been deleted
  • Pictures, emails, documents and media files are recoverable with this software
  • It has an enhanced recovery speed
  • Also, its new security parameters protect your devices from infected files
  • Its UI has undergone some improvement
  • To enhance the Microsoft Bit-locker drives, new modules have been added to it
  • Its output is faster
  • It has the capability of recovering your disks even after a crash, so it is highly compatible with camera cards, iPods, hard disks and Androids
  • Downloading the software is quite simple
  • Its search is usually thorough and includes external drives
  • It has an enhanced partition recovery
  • It is light and scans with unique speed

The most recent version of this software is the Recover My Files It affords you the possibility of retrieving all data that you thought were lost forever. For this singular reason, a lot of PC users prefer to use this software.


All kinds of software have requirements on your device to function:

  • To avoid slow running of application, your device should at least have a speed processor of 1.0GHz
  • Your PC must be Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 2008, Vista or Windows XP
  • You need active internet connection
  • DVD-ROM to enable you burn Blu-Ray DVD
  • 256 MB RAM
  • A fast processing Pentium IV 1.4 GHz
  • Windows 2008, Win 7, Vista, 2003, Windows XP
  • 100 MB hard disk storage space. You may require more space for recovered files


  • First, start by going to the download button
  • From the link provided, go to Recover My Files Full Version
  • Do a full installation of the software
  • Ensure you unzip it
  • Next, click on the Generate Key
  • Use keys and paste option to install it to folder
  • Finally, Now you are ready to use your new software

Remember that there are two options to select from:

To use Recover File:

  • Click on the Recover File button
  • Follow the directions given for download
  • Downloaded software immediately begins recovering your formatted data

To use Recover Drive:

  • First, Click on the option Recover Drive
  • Follow instruction for next option on your screen.
  • Your drive is scanned to recover your data
  • Finally, Your data is recovered


  • You can recover those precious files that were lost by error, virus attack or unintentional delete
  • You can create disc images
  • Files lost in internal and external drives are recoverable
  • You can recover files in recovery bin
  • Can be used on physical drives, RAID drives and forensic reflections
  • Your PC is safe from any kind of virus attack
  • It does not occupy much storage space
  • It is fast and reliable


  • In some case, it is difficult to recover lost files
  • Recovered files cannot be saved


Recover My Files Crack is available for purchase and you can also download it free. The pro version offers a feature known as Discover To Recover. You sure will find it quite interesting. With this pro version, you will be able to access your complete drive and decide whether to recover lost or erroneously deleted files. On some sites, you can find it for $69.95.

Also, To guard against losing your files again, it is advised that you save all important files and data in more than one storage device. You can recover only files lost by deleting or those lost to formatting or virus attack. Alternatively, you can make it a quick or complete recovery.

 Moreover, if you choose to go for a trial version, it is available for download on several websites. Unfortunately, you may not be able to save recovered files using this version.


This software will come in handy for all PC users. It is inevitable to lose files due to damage, erroneous delete, formatting or virus. Although it is said that files stored in the cloud are kept for all times, it is advisable that you protect the privacy of your documents. You can gain access to some of the features available with this software by installing the trial version. However, in order to get the best of it, the pro version is the option you want to go for. $69.95 may sound like a high price to pay but you should also consider the implication of losing crucial files for good.

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